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"Aikido in Everyday Life : Giving in to Get Your Way" by Terry Dobson - 1556431511, an original aikido dude who's now dead. What he did was adapt physical aikido techniques for mental/verbal use, to deal with communication problems and conflicts. This makes perfect sense with aikido, at least, which is pretty unique. The book was written in the '70s, in a self-help style - there's a more recent intro where Dobson kind of apologizes for the outdated tone. But the content's definitely interesting.


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Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by Westbrook and Ratti

Also Principles of Aikido by Saotome, founder of Aikido Schools of Uyeshiba (ASU)

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Dobson, Terry / Moss, Riki / Watson, Jan E It's a Lot Like Dancing (An Aikido Journal) Pub Group West 1883319021

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Here is a unique approach to the teachings of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted by his direct student of fifteen years. Saotome examines the spiritual philosophy of the Founder, the warrior ideals of feudal Japan as the basis of his martial arts philosophy. The author shows that the physical movement of Aikido is the embodiment of principles of the spirit. Negative force is not countered with aggression but is controlled and redirected through the power and balance of spiral movement. This is the shape of Aikido and the dynamic shape at the foundation of all energies of existence. Aikido movement can only be understood from its roots in universal law and the processes of nature. The practice and study of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's balance and brings us back into harmony with our environment, other people, and ourselves. New



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