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Sylvia Ashton-Warner

A dramatised account of the events which led Sylvia Ashton-Warner >>> to develop the revolutionary approach to teaching which >>> won her worldwide acclaim. When Sylvia and her husband, arrive at >>> a small country school (Puhoi), they find that many of the pupils >>> cannot read. She finds that the dull, inflexible approach to >>> teaching, as dictated by the Education Department, fails to engage >>> the interest of these country kids, many of whom are Maori. When >>> she develops a more exciting approach, officials become even >>> more inflexible. A short intro piece of Ashton-Warner herself >>> provides a nice start for this worthy film.

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... Sylvia Ashton-Warner ... neuseeländische Schriftstellerin und Sprachlehrerin ... die ich dann in der englischsprachigen Wikipedia wiederfinden konnte. In dem Artikel gab es einen ... Link unter External links auf den New Zealand Book Council ...,%20Sylvia

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'''Sylvia Constance Ashton-Warner''' {{post-nominals|country=NZL|MBE}} (17 December 1908 – 28 April 1984) was a [[New Zealand]] [[writer]], [[poet]] and [[educator]].

Ashton-Warner was born on 17 December 1908, in [[Stratford, New Zealand]]. She spent many years teaching [[Māori people|Māori]] children, using stimulating  and often pioneering techniques which she wrote about in her 1963 treatise ''Teacher'' and in the various volumes of her autobiography. Her success derived from a commitment to "releasing the native imagery and using it for working material" and her belief that communication must produce a mutual response in order to affect a lasting change. As a novelist, she produced several works mostly centred around strong female characters. Her novel ''Spinster'' (1958) was made into the 1961 film ''[[Two Loves]]'' (also known as ''The Spinster'') starring [[Shirley MacLaine]]. She was appointed a [[Member of the Order of the British Empire]] for services to education and literature in the [[1982 Birthday Honours|1982 Queen's Birthday Honours]].<ref>[ ''London Gazette'' (supplement), No. 49010, 11 June 1982]. Retrieved 5 May 2013.</ref>

Ashton-Warner died on 28 April 1984, in Tauranga.  Her life story was adapted for the 1985 [[biographical film]] ''Sylvia'', based on her work and writings, 

==Honorific eponyms==
The Faculty of Education library at [[University of Auckland|The University of Auckland]]—the institution at which Ashton-Warner trained between 1928 and 1929— was named the Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library in 1987.<ref>[ Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library - Biography - The University of Auckland]. Retrieved 5 May 2013.</ref>

The Ashton School in the Dominican Republic was founded in 1998 and was named in honour of Ashton-Warner, whose teaching methods inspired the school.<ref>[ The Ashton School - school history]. Retrieved 5 May 2013.</ref>

"You must be true to yourself. Strong enough to be true to yourself. Brave enough to be strong enough to be true to yourself. Wise enough to be brave enough to be strong enough to shape yourself from what you actually are."


==External links==
*{{IMDb name|name=Sylvia Ashton-Warner|id=0039286}}
*[ List of books and published material]
*[,%20Sylvia Biographical entry from ''The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature'']

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