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Racism is a construct

Racism is a construct; a social construct. And it has benefits. Money can be made off of it. People who don’t like themselves can feel better because of it. It can describe certain kinds of behavior that are wrong or misleading. So racism has a social function. But race can only be defined as a human being. -- Toni Morrison

Freedom is only sweet when it is won.

When it is forced, it is called responsibility. -- Toni Morrison, 1971 ... #veryfinequote

To entertain the time with thoughts of love

... coole zeile aus sonnett #39 von good old william s. (born 2day many years ago) .. #dz20 .

You wanna fly,

you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” ― Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon ... #veryfinequote

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