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Virtual books

"Within the British Library's Online Gallery exists a gem called Virtual Books. Here, readers will find a collection of great books that can be viewed online using the library's own award-winning "Turning the Pages" software. A great place to start is by scoping out the six works displayed on the landing page, which include selections from the great Indian epic, The Ramayana, draft scores of Handel's Messiah, a handful of Leonardo da Vinci's sketches, and other masterpieces. From there, readers may like to explore the Most Viewed and Recent Additions sections. To explore items, simply click on a title. The book then takes a moment to load, but the Turning the Pages format lets you read, listen, rotate, zoom, and view the original writing next to modern, easily viewable font transliterations" (via Scout Report Volume 21, Number 34).

Unter den "Virtuellen Büchern" befinden sich Meisterwerke wie Händels Messias, der Codex Sinaiticus, Jane Austens Frühwerk, Auszüge aus Scotts Tagebuch seiner Antarktis-Expedition, eine Bibel-Ausgabe aus Äthiopien und eine hebräische Bibel des 15. Jahrhunderts aus Lissabon.

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