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shares thoughts on projects past and present === with Jonathan Bastable in Christie's Magazine: "We haven't ever proposed anything impossible. But when we start, we don't know how we are going to realize the concept ... That is the most exciting part. It would be foolish of us to do something that we already know — so boring and unnecessary. I am nearly 83 and still in good health, knocking on wood. And I love that life is full of things that I don't know how to do."

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Noch bis zum 28. Oktober zeigt das Forum Würth Chur Bilder, Skulpturen und Fotografien des weltbekannten Künstlerpaars #Christo und #Jeanne-#Claude. Darüber hinaus gibt es eine #Lecture mit #Christo (ja, der Künstler wird wirklich anwesend sein 😮) sowie spezielle Führungen und thematisch passende Gestaltungsworks. Mehr Infos dazu findet ihr auf 👉🏼

christo in london ===

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Today Serpentine Galleries opens an exhibition of Christo and Jeanne-Claude artworks using barrels. The exhibition includes sculptures, drawings, collages and photographs spanning more than 60 years. On view June 19 to September 9, 2018 with Bloomberg Philanthropies support.

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You practice mindfulness, on the one hand, to be calm and peaceful. On the other hand, as you practice mindfulness and live a life of peace, you inspire hope for a future of peace. Thich Nhat Hanh

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