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* 25.09.1932

Remembering the legendary Glenn Gould, born on this day 88 years ago. The Canadian pianist is best known for his remarkable interpretation of the polyphonic texture of Bach’s works. One of the most gifted pianists of the 20th century, we miss you dearly!

✧ Gould's complete Bach recordings recently have been re-released in a 30 CD edition: The Bach Box.

Glenn Gould - complete Brahms Ballades recording session

(New York, 1982...


Brahms Ballades and Rhapsodies == "Recorded in 1982 in New York City, == the following tapes constitute the entire Brahms Ballades and Rhapsodies sessions.

From the Glenn Gould Archive -

Glenn Gould: complete Bach recordings

Glenn Gould Interviews Glenn Gould About Glenn Gould

I simply feel that the artist should be granted, both for his sake and for that of his public - and let me get on record right now the fact that I'm not at all happy with words like "public" and "artist"; I'm not happy with the hierarchical implications of that kind of terminology - that lie should be granted anonymity. He should be permitted to operate in secret, as it were, unconcerned with - or, better still, unaware of - the presumed demands of the marketplace - which demands, given sufficient indifference on the part of a sufficient number of artists, will simply disappear. And given their disappearance, the artist will then abandon his false sense of "public" responsibility, and his "public" will relinquish its role of servile dependency.

Glenn Gould Interviews Glenn Gould About Glenn Gould

Jens Harzer liest Essays und Texte von Glenn Gould

im Mozartsaal. Der > kanadische... Pianist war bekanntermaßen ein leidenschaftlicher > Provokateur, aber vor allem ein beherzter Interpret. Der deutsche > Schauspieler Jens Harzer führt mit seiner Lesung in die Gedankenwelt > dieses eigenwilligen Künstlers, der sich im Laufe seines Lebens > zunehmend zurückzog.

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