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re:launch in 2017

> Beitrag  : Internet Archives “Wayback Machine” wird 2017 > einen Relaunch erfahren > URL  : > Verfasst  : Oktober 22, 2015 um 7:48 nachmittags > Verfasser  : JP > Kategorien : Internet Archive, Langzeit-/Webarchivierung > > The Verge berichtet von dem Vorhaben: The Internet Archive will launch > a modernized Wayback Machine in 2017 The Wayback Machine, an > essential and amazing tool that's preserved 19 years of the web's > history, is getting a big redesign. The Internet Archive expects to > launch a rebuilt and modernized Wayback Machine sometime in 2017, > promising that it "will […] > >

Internet Archive

hat seine „Wayback Machine“ enorm erweitert. Das Internet-Gedächtnis, das Zeitreisen zu Webseiten, Usenet-Beiträgen und Software ermöglicht, bietet nun 240 Milliarden Seiten und damit 60 Prozent mehr als vorher. Zudem kann man das Web jetzt im Zeitraum von Ende 1996 bis Dezember 2012 durchforsten. ...


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Isaac Newton wg. Weltende in 2060


We are excited to share a beta release of the Wayback Machine featuring Site Search

You can now discover web sites, many which are no longer available via the "live web," by entering terms you think might be associated with those sites. Of course you can also still enter the URLs of site. Please give this new service a try: We would love your feedback so don't be shy! ... ... 101116

Zum 1.1. 2016 werden die TIB und die UB Hannover === in der Stiftung Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) – kurz TIB – zusammengeführt. Nur wenige Tage später geht unser neues TIB-Portal unter online. Im Blog könnt ihr schon einen Blick darauf werfen ... 2212 via fb

Niels Boeing: Alles auf null

Broschiert, 128 Seiten 978-3-89401-747-7, 12,00 € ... opac20 cool20 ... Niels Boeing, 48, Mitglied des Aktionsbetriebs LOMU – local organized multitude, aktiv im Hamburger Netzwerk »Recht auf Stadt«, Reisender und Journalist u. a. für Die Zeit, Freitag, Technology Review. Zuletzt erschien von ihm 2011 bei Edition Nautilus Alles auf null. Gebrauchsanweisung für die Wirklichkeit.

Dear Internet Archive Supporter


You’ve come to us seeking the facts. To access to good and reliable information. Now we come to you. We need your help. Maybe now more than ever.

For those of us who believe that facts matter, this year has been a nightmare. Fake news is poisoning the internet and poisoning our minds.

We need to guarantee access to true information, to published information, to historically accurate information that is increasingly important, but in short supply. We need libraries that can be a trusted source for fact checkers, scholars and citizens.

When I founded the Internet Archive twenty years ago, people thought I was crazy. They didn’t think the stuff on the Web was worth saving. I made the Internet Archive a nonprofit because I wanted it to be a library built on trust. The Web belongs to all of us. Our mission is to provide everyone with access to knowledge. Forever.

Today, the Internet Archive has only 150 staff but runs one of the top-250 websites in the world. We could sell ads, but to me that doesn’t feel right. We take your privacy very seriously, so we don’t even collect your IP address. But we still need to pay for the increasing costs of servers, staff and rent.

You may not know this, but your support fueled the work of journalists who used our Political TV Ad Archive in their fact-checking of candidates’ claims.

It keeps the Wayback Machine going, saving 750 million Web pages each week, so no one will ever be able to change the past just because there is no digital record of it.

Recently, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said “the Wayback Machine, it’s a national treasure, it’s an international’s always the first place you go.” And now we are making the Wayback Machine even better, by adding web site search for the first time.

We can do all of this because of you. You keep us going and growing.

If the Internet Archive continues to be useful to you, please take a minute to donate $50, $75, $100 or whatever you can. During this month, a generous supporter will match your donation, dollar-for-dollar. For every dollar you donate, the Internet Archive will receive $2. Help us keep improving for another year. I promise you—It will be money well spent.

Donate today! Thank you,

Brewster Kahle Founder & Digital Librarian

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