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https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ONIX_IMPLEMENT/info ... mehr als 1000 tln-innen ... wow ... 0412 k

https://info.vlb.de/files/best_practices_zeichensatz.pdf ... informativ ... 0512 k

ISTC infos an OS2016 ... 0512

XML im AKI-wiki ... seit vielen jahren

http://hilfe.vlb.de/vlb-onix-empfehlungen/bundle.html ... informativ ... 0512 k

ONIX Codelists Issue 35

The latest Issue 35 of the codelists for use with ONIX 3.0 and ONIX 2.1 is now available. I attach a summary of all the changes, and complete listings of the codelists in PDF, HTML and various TXT and XML formats can be downloaded from the website:

011116 via ONIX_IMPLEMENT@yahoogroups.com ... eine super liste incl. graham, der beste listenredakteur, den ich kenne. k.

RDA/ONIX Guidelines and Linked Data

bit.ly/1NX7eRi 150616 via Dublin Core @DublinCore


onixedit.com ...

http://www.onixedit.com/fr/Blogue/tabid/100/entryid/26/Default.aspx ... 161215

onixedit.com/en-us/.../welcome-to-exa-editor-users- Today we have officially terminated the site EXA Editor. ONIXEDIT is the new software that will take care of your ONIX files. And it is fully compatible with files ...


GiantChair has a long history of helping book publishers create and distribute book catalogue information of extraordinary quality. With more than 100 publishers and distributors in multiple countries using our metadata management platform Onixsuite, GiantChair is on the cutting edge of metadata management and e-commerce for the book publishing industry. http://www.onixsuite.com/about-us/

The Metadata Handbook

themetadatahandbook.com/partners/ Onixsuite gives you control of your metadata and its distribution, ... ONIXEDIT title management software is based on the ONIX standard.




Artikel aus 2007 zu RDA und ONIX




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