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zwei Mails an inetbib in 2007 ... anno olim in 2007 ... tja. such was life ...

Die Virtuelle Allgemeinbibliothek (VAB) ist eine kommentierte Linksammlung mit ca. 5.000 Dokumenten, die Dipl.-Bibl. Ingrid Strauch am 22.08.1999 begann.

DiEM25 is a pan-European movement of democrats

DiEM25 is a pan-European movement of democrats, united under the conclusion that the European Union will only survive if it is radically transformed.

We must replace the current structure, serving the rich and powerful, with a union of all European countries under an independent parliament, operating based on a Constitution that protects all Europeans as equal citizens, and is designed to ensure their welfare and happiness. To achieve this, we need to be honest about who stands in our way.

The reaction of those in power has been to further reinforce the same politics that brought us to this mess. Borders are being closed, solidarity is extinct, member countries are leaving or becoming outright fascist.

All the political elites can think to do is to cover their failure with lies and tricks that make them seem involved, when all they do is increase the power and riches of the same few. This is understandable: they see their survival is at risk, and they withdraw and defend themselves with everything they’ve got. We cannot expect the solution to come from the political elites that have prioritized their own gains over the wellbeing of Europeans.

We must now unite under a common Vision for Europe that recognizes the current limitations of the European Union and that seeks to build new forms of transnational solidarity.

Times of great crisis are also times of great opportunity. That is why we have come together in order to take over the EU. Abandoning the European project and returning to separate nations is not an option. The environmental, economic and coronavirus crises have proven what we already knew: real solutions for the many, not the few, can only come when we join forces beyond borders.

This is DiEM25’s mission: a coordinated effort, everywhere in Europe, to unite like-minded citizens and create enough power to save the EU from itself. The EU will unite, or it will perish. We must act quickly, before it is too late: that is why we are the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25).


"Stimmen zu gewinnen, indem sie Zäune errichten und das internationale Flüchtlingsrecht verletzen, ist der letzte Ausweg von Politikern, die bereit sind, die Integrität ihrer Nation für ihre eigenen erbärmlichen kleinlichen Gründe zu opfern.” (Yanis Varoufakis, BBC)

DiEM25 fordert ein Offenes Europa, das für Ideen, Menschen und Inspiration aus der ganzen Welt lebendig ist und Zäune und Grenzen als Zeichen der Schwäche anerkennt, die im Namen der Sicherheit Unsicherheit verbreitet.

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