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Special Issue on Semantic Web for E-Learning:

British Journal of Educational Technology 37:3 (May 2006)


s.a. Adaptive Web


Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH), 76128 Karlsruhe Prof. Rudi Studer, AIFB, Karlsruhe, Germany (SEMANTIC WEB) profile: metadata creation/annotation, structured information retrieval, knowledge acquisition, ontology learning, large-scale text mining or semantic search


Springer Lehrbuch:


s.a. HTML


SCHOOL-SCOUT - Der persönliche Schulservice Internet:


Semantic digital libraries

Bilder und Texte über Facebook OG Tags

og:title – Der Titel, der in Facebook angezeigt werden soll og:image – Die URl zum Bild, dass angezeigt werden soll. og:type – Worum handelt es sich: Artikel, Webseite, Video, Musikstück? og:url – Die URl unter der Facebook diesen Beitrag verlinken wird und auch erwartet

Semantic Web Meetup

"Wikidata - A new platform for collaborative data collection"===


11.4.2012 18:30 - 21:00 Department for Information and Communication Technology of the National Museums in Berlin

Issue - Wikidata

This year, Wikimedia starts to build a new platform for the collaborative acquisition and maintenance of structured data: Wikidata. Wikidata's prime purpose is to be used within the other Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia, to provide well-maintained, high-quality data. The nature and requirements of the Wikimedia projects require to develop a few novel, or at least unusual features for Wikidata: Wikidata will be a secondary database, i.e. instead of containing facts it will contain references for facts. It will be fully internationalized. It will contain inconsistent and contradictory facts,in order to represent the diversity of knowledge about a given entity. The Department for Information and Communication Technology of the National Museums in Berlin proudly hosts this meeting in Berlin to perpetuate its commitment for the subject. It can be seen as continuation of the workshop about Linked Open Data at the EVA Conference Berlin, where Andreas Bienert and Thomas Tunsch as representatives of the department emphasized the important role of collaboration for cultural memory organizations.

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