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The Complete Social Scientist

a Kurt Lewin Reader ==

One of the most influential social scientists of the 20th century, Kurt Lewin continues to exercise significant influence on contemporary psychological theory, research and practice. Today's scholars frequently cite his thought and research, but Lewin's original writings are increasingly difficult to find. Now, "The Complete Social Scientist: A Kurt Lewin Reader" makes available 15 out-of-print articles, including two never before available in English translation. This wide-ranging collection acquaints contemporary scholars with Lewin's fundamental work. The articles offer evidence of the workings of an innovative mind engaged in the philosophy of science in social, personality, motivation and ...

The Complete Social Scientist: A Kurt Lewin Reader https://books.google.de/books?isbn=1557985324 Kurt Lewin, ‎Martin Gold - 1999

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Titel Vorsatz Wille und Bedürfnis: Mit Vorbemerkungen über die psychischen Kräfte und Energien und die Struktur der Seele Autor Kurt Lewin Ausgabe illustriert Verlag Springer-Verlag, 2013 ISBN 364250826X, 9783642508264 Länge 93 Seiten

Kurt Lewin - Pionier der Gruppendynamik

Der Psychologe Kurt Lewin - Pionier der Gruppendynamik ==

Von Brigitte Kohn

Der Psychologe Kurt Lewin war ein Zeitgenosse Sigmund Freuds, arbeitete aber völlig anders als sein Kollege. Ihm ging es nicht um die Innenwelt des Einzelnen und dessen Therapie, sondern um das Zusammenspiel von Person und Umwelt. Lewin war ein experimenteller Psychologe, der die Dynamik aller Kraftfelder im Lebensraum des Menschen wissenschaftlich exakt beschreiben wollte. Im Zentrum seiner Forschung standen lange Zeit die Gruppendynamik und ihr Einfluss auf das Verhalten des Einzelnen. Er entwickelte unter anderem das Prinzip des “feedback”, das Psychologen und Coaches bis heute bei Teamberatungen anwenden. Aus Hitlerdeutschland in die USA emigriert, verschrieb sich der Psychologe neuen Sozialtechniken für demokratisches Verhalten.

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Timeline Kurt Lewin

1890 Born in Moglino, Prussian province of Posen
1914 Enters Army for four years during WWI
1916 Completed Ph.D., University of Berlin
1917 Married Maria Landsberg
1919 Daughter, Agnes, born
1921 Privatdozent, University of Berlin
1922 Son, Fritz, born
1924 Student Bluma Zeigarnik completes study on recall of uncompleted tasks
1927 Promoted to Ausserordentlicher Professor
1929 Remarried Gertrud Weiss
1931 Daughter, Miriam, born
1932 Visiting Professor, Stanford University
1933 Son, Daniel, born
1933 Fled Germany to United States
1933 Faculty, Cornell University
1935 Published "A Dynamic Theory of Personality"
1935 Professor, University of Iowa
1936 Published "Principles of Topological Psychology"
1940 Becomes American citizen
1942 President of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
1944 Organized Research Center For Group Dynamics,M.I.T.
1944 Established Commission on Community Interrelations (C.C.I.)
1944 Mother killed in Nazi Extermination camp
1946 Published Psychological Problems in Jewish Education
1946 Published "Frontiers in Group Dynamics"
1947 Created National Laboratories Training
1947 Died


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I never wanted To write these words down for you With the pages of phrases Of things we'll never do So I blow out the candle, and I put you to bed Since you can't say to me Now how the dogs broke your bone There's just one thing left to be said Say hello to heaven



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