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Scirus has retired

Thank you for being a user of Scirus. We have enjoyed serving you.

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Thank you again for being a loyal Scirus user.


Scirus sun setted by elsevier

"With regret we are writing to inform you that Scirus, Elsevier's free science-specific search engine, will be discontinued in early 2014. While a firm retirement date has not yet been set, it will likely be sometime by or before 31 January 2014.

We realize that this decision may disappoint you. The reality is that Scirus has lost its competitive edge to other platforms and services. Rather than attempt to catch up, Elsevier has instead made the difficult decision to retire Scirus and redirect even more attention to the continuous improvement of our core products. Our company fully expects that these efforts will yield more impact and therefore be of greater benefit to our customers and their research communities, allowing us to serve our content partners more effectively.

Effectively immediately, Elsevier has stopped adding new content sources for indexing on Scirus and we are no longer adding or supporting any new Open URL library partners."

0110 via i.

Scirus ... Suchmaschine der Verlagsgruppe Elsevier

Sie durchsucht wissenschaftliche Inhalte ("web information, preprint servers, digital archives, repositories and patent and journal databases"). Es werden komfortable Suchmöglichkeiten angeboten: So kann eine Suche auf einen Autor, eine Zeitschrift oder einen Artikel eingeschränkt und zudem nach Datum gefiltert werden. Die Suche ist kostenlos, die enthaltenen Volltexte teilweise kostenpflichtig. Auch Literaturangaben werden gesammelt, so dass Scirus gleichzeitig eine Zitationsdatenbank ist.

... is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 450 million scientific items indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists' homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information.


Scirus - Scientific Information Only

Search Engine for Science Wissenschaftsspezifische Suchmaschine, die über 485 Millionen wissenschaftsspezifische Internet-Seiten auswertet, darunter:

  * 156 Millionen .edu sites
  * 54 Millionen .org sites
  * 9 Millionen sites
  * 52 Millionen .com sites
  * 36 Millionen .gov sites
  * Über 143 Millionen wichtiger STM und University Sites weltweit

Außerdem wertet Scirus u.a. folgende Quellen aus:

  * 18.1 Millionen Medline-Zitate via PubMed
  * 8.0 Millionen Volltextartikel aus ScienceDirect
  * 23.1 Millionen Patentdaten aus LexisNexis
  * 536.000 e-Prints von
  * 42.000 Volltextartikel aus BioMed Central
  * 24.700 technische Reports der NASA
  * 3.300 e-Prints von CogPrints
  * 19.000 Dokumente von Caltech Coda
  * 792.000 Dissertationen via NDLTD

(Stand: Juni 2009)


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