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Special Issue on Semantic Web for E-Learning:

British Journal of Educational Technology 37:3 (May 2006)


Adaptive Web


Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH), 76128 Karlsruhe

Prof. Rudi Studer, AIFB, Karlsruhe, Germany (SEMANTIC WEB) profile: metadata creation/annotation, structured information retrieval, knowledge acquisition, ontology learning, large-scale text mining or semantic search


Springer Lehrbuch:


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SCHOOL-SCOUT - Der persönliche Schulservice


Semantic digital libraries

Bilder und Texte über Facebook OG Tags

og:title – Der Titel, der in Facebook angezeigt werden soll og:image – Die URl zum Bild, dass angezeigt werden soll. og:type – Worum handelt es sich: Artikel, Webseite, Video, Musikstück? og:url – Die URl unter der Facebook diesen Beitrag verlinken wird und auch erwartet

Semantic Web Meetup: Wikidata - A new platform for collaborative data collection

11.4.2012 18:30 - 21:00 Department for Information and Communication Technology of the National Museums in Berlin

Issue - Wikidata

This year, Wikimedia starts to build a new platform for the collaborative acquisition and maintenance of structured data: Wikidata. Wikidata's prime purpose is to be used within the other Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia, to provide well-maintained, high-quality data. The nature and requirements of the Wikimedia projects require to develop a few novel, or at least unusual features for Wikidata: Wikidata will be a secondary database, i.e. instead of containing facts it will contain references for facts. It will be fully internationalized. It will contain inconsistent and contradictory facts,in order to represent the diversity of knowledge about a given entity.

The Department for Information and Communication Technology of the National Museums in Berlin proudly hosts this meeting in Berlin to perpetuate its commitment for the subject. It can be seen as continuation of the workshop about Linked Open Data at the EVA Conference Berlin, where Andreas Bienert and Thomas Tunsch as representatives of the department emphasized the important role of collaboration for cultural memory organizations.

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Wikidata via wikibib

Allison-Cassin, Stacy und Dan Scott. 2018. Wikidata: a platform for your library’s linked open data. Code4Lib Journal 40 (4. Mai). (zugegriffen: 8. Mai 2018).

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Wikidata Turns 6: A Special Interview with Denny Vrandečić via @YouTube

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International Workshop on Context, Interpretation and Meaning

(CIM2014)== 19 or 20 October 2014 Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy

Collocated with the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2014).

One size does not fit all use cases when inter-relating real-world datasets. For example should data about two cities be matched on their geographic coverage, name or regional government boundary? It depends upon the use to which the data will be put. For emergency response you could imagine needing all available data while for longitudinal studies more precision would be required. Similar issues arise in life sciences when relating genes, proteins and nucleotides, or chemistry when matching compounds.

Ontology alignment and linked data have to date focused on generating a mapping for a given application. This workshop will explore the potential for reusing, reinterpreting and contextualising mappings, and on whether or not they can be effectively crowd-sourced. To do so, the way in which the mapping has been generated needs to be understood so that the implied meaning of the operational equivalence can be interpreted.

CIM2014 aims to bring together different communities: those who create mappings with those who rely on them for developing novel applications. We are seeking to foster discussion and debate between the communities through face-to-face discussion in breakout groups during the workshop. This will be seeded through short presentations about real-world challenges and state-of-the-art solutions. The goal is to produce a common vision of the future for the communities.

Lexeme via wikidata

„Sprache ist ein wichtiger Teil zur Schaffung einer vielfältigen Community. Mehrsprachigkeit ist besonders wichtig, da immer mehr Bereiche unseres Lebens von Technologie und Interaktion durch Sprache abhängen. Wir bei Wikidata wollen niemanden zurücklassen, weil er eine andere Sprache spricht.“ […]

Lexeme: eine neue Form der Daten- und Sprachbeziehung

Seit 2018 speichert Wikidata auch einen neuen Datentyp: Wörter, die in vielen Sprachen beschrieben werden können. Bei diesen Informationen handelt es sich um lexikographische Daten. Lexeme sind die konkreten Datenpunkte in diesen lexikographischen Daten.

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