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Gründer der Wikipedia in 2001

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cilip.org.uk on Jimmy Wales== https://www.cilip.org.uk/search/all.asp?bst=jimmy+wales

Jimmy wales im interview mit zeit.de in 2018


Wikipedia artikel bewerten by jf



Interview mit Jimmy Wales - 2005

“Offen bleiben bis es schmerzt ... “Wir bleiben so offen wie wir nur können, so lange bis es schmerzt”, ... “Offen bleiben bis es schmerzt” Interview mit Jimmy Wales http://futurezone.orf.at/ (war mal auf: futurezone.orf.at/futurezone.orf?read=detail&id=274577) “Offen bleiben bis es schmerzt” hat Jimmy Wales erst im September diesen Jahres bei ... http://blog.erich-holzbauer.at/2005/09/12/jim-wales-von-der-wikipedia-offen-bleiben-bis-es-schmerzt/ - 19k - Der Schockwellenreiter: Weblog-Archiv 12.09.2005 »Offen bleiben bis es schmerzt«. Warum zu viele Sicherheitsvorkehrungen zum Scheitern vieler Community-Projekte beigetragen haben und warum es immer noch ... http://www.schockwellenreiter.de/2005/09/12.html - 43k -


Trust Café was created with the goal of fighting misinformation in the social media sphere.

We are a community-led and community-moderated platform dedicated to creating a space where discussions can thrive, and misinformation is quickly removed. For more on our platform's philosophy, please see our FAQs.

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Writing African American History Into Wikipedia

"... there is a gap of information within Wikipedia related to African American history, and addressing Wikipedia’s well-documented racial bias should be a priority for librarians and archivists (“Racial bias on Wikipedia,” 2019).

In February 2019, Oregon State University Libraries and Press hosted a Wikipedia Editathon, “Writing African American History into Wikipedia.”



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Gründer von WikiTribune bzw. WT.Social

Jimmy Wales: WT wird WT.Social in 2019


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WT.Social :: The non-toxic social network

Welcome to a place where advertisers don’t call the shots.

Where your data isn’t packaged up and sold.

Where you – not algorithms – decide what you see.

Where you can directly edit misleading content.

Where bad actors are kicked out and kept out.

Where you actually like spending time.

Welcome to social media the way it should be.

Welcome to WT.Social


Russland-Ukraine-Konflikt wt.social/wt/russland-ukraine-konflikt

The subject of this subwiki is the development and the future progress of the conflict, which escalated to the use of military force: On the night of Feb. 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of Russian military forces in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Initial reports of attacks on targets in Ukraine followed. The subwiki covers the full range of issues: international relations and politics, as well as the impact of the conflict on numerous areas of life are included. - Our reporting is factual and fact-based. The subwiki covers the topic in all its complexity and multi-layeredness, we take a neutral point of view as far as possible.

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WT.social == wt.social/u/ingrid-strauch ... 503 am 170224



Wikinews vs. Wikitribune

Hinsichtlich der nach dem Launch des Projekts aufgeworfenen Frage „Wikinews ist gescheitert, wieso sollte es Wikitribune anders gehen?“ archivalia.hypotheses.org/68302 dürfte nach den ersten vier Monaten Pilot-Betrieb deutlich geworden sein:

„Wikinews“ https://de.wikinews.org/wiki/Hauptseite und „Wikitribune“ haben weder konzeptionell noch im Ergebnis genug gemein, um aus dem Scheitern des einen auf das des anderen schließen zu können.

FEB19 - Von Jimmmy Wales initiertes brain storming zu WT== https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95969/?talk https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95969/

Nachtrag: Die WT-Community nutzt hauptsächlich eine Chatplattform (Discord) zur Diskussion. Dort gibt es u. a. einen Channel "Brainstorming". ISt, 2019-03-21

Kleine Provokation: https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95769/?talk https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95769/

Von Jean-Jacques Subrenat, initiiert: https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95917/ https://www.wikitribune.com/article/95917/?talk

draft proposal ISt: https://www.wikitribune.com/project/developing-a-wt-standard-article-structure/

fakehunter-praxisarbeitshilfematerialien ... download = 18 MB https://www.bz-sh.de/index.php/downloadbereich/download/139-bibliothekspaedagogische-konzepte/1017-die-fakehunter-praxisarbeitshilfematerialien

To all our readers in Germany.

It's a little awkward, so we'll get straight to the point: on this Monday we humbly ask you to protect Wikipedia's independence. This is the 8th day of our campaign. We depend on donations averaging about € 23.83, but 99% of our readers don't give. Our fundraising appeal is displayed over 8 million times a day, but currently only 97.967 people have donated. If everyone reading this gave a small amount, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. The price of your Monday coffee is all we need. When we made Wikipedia a non-profit, people warned us we'd regret it. But if Wikipedia became commercial, it would be a great loss to the world. Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. It unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the donors who keep us thriving. The heart and soul of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to reliable, neutral information. Please take a minute to help us keep Wikipedia growing. Thank you!


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, bitte verzeihen Sie die Störung. Es ist ein bisschen unangenehm, daher kommen wir gleich zur Sache. An diesem Montag sind Sie in Deutschland gefragt:

Heute ist der 8. Tag unserer Spendenkampagne. Wikipedia wird durch Spenden von durchschnittlich 23,83 € finanziert, aber 99 % der Leserinnen und Leser spenden nicht. Wenn alle, die das jetzt lesen, einen kleinen Beitrag leisten, wäre unser Spendenziel bereits am heutigen Montag erreicht. Schon der Preis einer Tasse Kaffee würde genügen. Über 8 Millionen Mal wird unser Spendenaufruf täglich angezeigt, aber nur 97.970 Menschen haben bisher gespendet. Sicher könnten wir mit Werbung eine Menge Geld verdienen. Aber dann wäre Wikipedia komplett anders. Wir könnten ihr nicht vertrauen. Es ist leicht, diese Nachricht zu ignorieren und die meisten werden das wohl tun. Wenn Sie Wikipedia nützlich finden, nehmen Sie sich an diesem Montag bitte eine Minute Zeit und geben Wikipedia mit Ihrer Spende etwas zurück. Vielen Dank!


News about the Internet – A WT.Social subwiki

Monday 27/02/2023 17:30:28 / Latest Version


You.com How can we help?: https://about.you.com/

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You.com

From November 2021, when You.com launched: https://www.theverge.com/2021/11/9/22770614/you-salesforce-startup-search-engine-privacy-information-control

PCWorld: You.com’s AI-infused Google rival provides a tantalizing glimpse of the future https://www.pcworld.com/article/1448609/is-you-com-a-better-google.html

YouTube: Where AI is today and where it's going. | Richard Socher | TEDxSanFrancisco Where AI is today and where it's going. | Richard Socher | TEDxSanFrancisco YouTube: Bryan McCann: Where we are in understanding natural language | Conversational AI | VB Transform 2019 Bryan McCann: Where we are in understanding natural language | Conversational AI | VB Transform 2019 You.com is a search engine published by Richard Socher and Brian McCann in November 2021. Protecting privacy is an important concern for the company; no IP addresses are stored and no user data is collected for targeted advertising. By its own admission, You.com even goes one step beyond DuckDuckGo by offering a private search mode. You.com's help centre says: "When you sign up for You.com, you have control over what types of websites appear in your results. Over time, the search results get better and better with the help of AI and your preferences" It goes on to say, "you.com never sells your data. We also don't track you across the internet and have no cookies."


In March 2022, the search engine was joined by YouWrite, a GPT-3 text generator for writing all kinds of texts. Since December 2022, YouChat has been available, which is mainly based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5. Also, the services YouCode and YouImagine - chat, generate code, generate texts and generate images, all under one roof.


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