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* 12.08.1892 - 1972

Five laws by SR Ranganathan

The five laws of library science, by S. R. Ranganathan, with a foreword by Sir P. S. Sivaswami Aiyer and an introduction by W. C. Berwick Sayers.

Main Author: Ranganathan, S. R. 1892-1972.

Language(s): English Published: Madras, The Madras Library Association; 1931. Subjects: Libraries. Library science.

Note: "Madras library association [Constitution and list of publications]": vi p. Physical Description: xxxii, 458, vi p. illus. 22 cm.


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SR Ranganathan 5 Laws

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  • Lists are for use
  • Every list its reader
  • Every reader his list
  • Save the time of the user
  • Lists are growing organisms


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  • Tweets are for use
  • Every feed its reader
  • Every reader his tweet
  • Save the time of the user
  • Twitter is a growing organism


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  • Google+ is for use
  • Every circle its reader
  • Every reader his circle
  • Save the time of the user
  • Google+ is a growing organism
  • Google+ is off ... 120820


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  • Wikis are for use
  • Every wiki its reader
  • Every reader his wiki
  • Save the time of the user
  • Wikis are growing organisms


Chain Indexing or Chain Procedure is a mechanical method to derive subject index entries or subject headings from the class number of the document. It was developed by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. He first mentioned this in his book “Theory of Library Catalogue” in 1938.

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